Capturing the Perfect Pictures of Your Home

From uploading photos to help sell your space or just sharing pictures of your latest home improvement project over the internet, there are hundreds of reasons you may want to capture pictures of your home. Residential photography may not be professional photography; however, mastering some pro tips can help take your photos to the next level. Since a picture can say a thousand words, taking a poor picture can give a negative impression on a truly beautiful project or home. To help, here is everything you need to consider when photographing your home:


Lighting has a very dramatic effect on the quality of your pictures. It is essential to have a well-lit room whenever taking your pictures. Make sure all your light fixtures are turned on while also allowing natural outdoor lighting to have an effect on the photos. You do not want one or the other to overpower one another, so you may need to find the perfect time of the day. Some photographers will refer to this time as the Golden Hour. This time is when the sun is just rising or just setting. Also, you should make sure to take outdoor photos during this time as well.


The composition of the photograph is what you initially capture. Try capturing the main focal point of the room directly in the center of the shot. Accenting architecture and decor can allow our eyes to wander and explore the picture. However, the demand for attention should be directly in the center of each picture!


Lights may create a glare. Taking a photograph at “eye-level” is rarely the best angle to capture a picture. Angles can portray a room to be much smaller or much larger. Make sure you are capturing your photographs at the most optimal angels. This could be from an elevated corner of the room or from outside a doorway. Mastering angles on your photography is one of the most effective ways to dramatically change a shot.

Try to adopt some of these techniques in your own photography. They can help make your photographs more than just social media worthy, but truly awe-inspiring. Just remember when posting that your photographs should truly capture the beauty of your estate.