window coverings

Nothing transforms a room quite the way great-looking windows do. They can change the look and feel of the entire room, complement furnishings, enhance colors and diffuse natural light. Whether creating a subdued, serene ambiance with neutral colors and fabrics or making an elegant statement with plantation shutters, Southwestern Blinds will help you make each room a place you’ll look forward to spending time in.

Benefits of window coverings

How can window coverings help you feel more at home?

Provides privacy and safety for your home
Allows you to control light entering the room
Protects you and your home against damaging UV Rays
Reduces energy loss through windows
Saves you money
Increases your home’s value
Improves your quality of life and sleep
Adds style and elegance to your home

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Home Automation

smart-home living

With PowerView® Automation, your window treatments move according to schedules you set. Operate them with your mobile device, smart-home speaker or even through whole-home integration. Some of the benefits and features of PowerView® Automation include: convenience, privacy, energy efficiency, security, child-friendly, battery powered or hard-wired and voice control.



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